Ketching Up With Kiki

{May 25, 2010}   Day 1

Today officially began my life changing experience with Weight Watchers. I did well on points except for at lunch even though I ordered a sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread. I made up for it by using EA Active on the Wii. I did Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge and believe me I am feeling it.
Overall I had a good first day. I didn’t cheat at all nor did I have sweets even though the brownies were calling my name.
Tomorrow my goal is to figure out how to stay in a low points range while eating out. I have a feeling this will be difficult.


{May 24, 2010}   Weight Watchers

I officially joined Weight Watchers today. The decision was not difficult considering pictures I saw of myself from over the weekend where I look like the Goodyear Tire Man. Ok maybe not THAT bad I mean I am my own worst critic. Anyway mom and I joined together and are going to support each other throughout the process. I am excited to get started and lose weight. Do I think it will be easy? Not at all, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to lose this weight and ultimately feel better about myself.

My Stats:
Starting weight: 191 (embarrased)
Goal weight by July 1: 175
Goal weight by August 1: 160
Goal weight by September 1: 145

My overall goal weight is to mantain between 135-140

Here goes nothing…

{April 7, 2010}   Rowing Machine

I love the rowing machine, maybe if I say it enough I will start to believe it.

Tonight I worked out for a good hour. I did 176 miles on the bike…ok the bike display was a little messed up, I did 4 miles. I then walked for 30 minutes. The rowing machine started calling my name and I obliged. After 10 minutes I did not think I would be able to walk again. Of course I was able to walk again and did another 10 minutes on the treadmill at 3.2 speed and 2.0 incline. After that I was feeling very accomplished and will be going back tomorrow.

I do wonder why after I work out I alway tend to want to eat something unhealthy for me. This evening I was able to restrain myself. Yay Me!

In other news I put down half of the deposit on a new apartment. This apartment is brand spanking new and gorgeous. KO and I will be living on the third floor, our choice I will get lots of exercise. The apartment is 2 bedroom/2 bath with plush carpets, balcony, all the appliances. The rent includes cable, internet, trash pickup, and water all for $665 a month. Cannot beat that for brand new apartments. I am also thrilled that the walls and floors are both contain sound barriers. We were in the model apartment on the balcony where we could hear all the construction and traffic as soon as we shut the door you could have heard a pin drop. It was an amazing feeling. Even better I am only 1 mile away from campus now instead of almost 10 minutes away.

I am looking forward to my new living situation. I have a feeling it will be much better than my current one.

Jack just threw up, I guess he ate too much. Boyfriend is going to brush his teeth.

I also have an interview with a syndicated country music radio show on Friday. It is an awesome opportunity and I believe I am a good fit for the position. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers ūüôā

{April 2, 2010}   Life as of late

I have been sparse recently. Life has been incredibly hectic. Apparently the last two weeks of March got away from
me. Since I am worn out here goes a bullet post of recent activities:

The tire incident is a whole other post that needs to be updated: in the end boyfriend was able to get about half the money he needed for new tires from insurance and my parents gave him money up front in exchange for work he did for them today.

I went to Williamsburg last weekend and visited William and Mary School of Law with my friend, Rae, who was offered a 80% scholarship. We had a blast exploring Colonial Williamsburg and even went on a ghost tour which was so fun. On our floor at the hotel there was a group of men who spoke with a very thick Spanish accent and used way too much cologne. They made the long weekend interesting. They lost their friend Orlando for almost 2 hours one afternoon. We heard Orlando Orlando where are you way too many times.

Returning from the mini vacation I ran into a pile of work. This past week was final prep for the fundraiser that is being hosted for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I spent countless hours working on the Facebook Fan Page, graphics, fliers, and hot gluing.

On Wednesday I had a job interview. The interviewer was younger than me and I am fairly positive he had never interviewed anyone before. Needless to say I have no idea what will happen. After the interview I had about a hour break before my day got super busy. A friend from out of town came up we ste lunch and hung out until my advisement appointment. After advisement I got roped into more graphic making and hot gluing for the fundraiser. Then I had to go to a local daycare center with my Psychology group. While there we painted cubbies and rocking chairs. We were there for 3 hours then went to eat Mexican together smelling lovely of course. I had a test Thursday that I had not studied for by 9pm Wednesday night. I devised a plan and was able to have my test postponed until Tuesday.

Thursday was a relatively simple day. My group hosted our psychology class and it went very very well. I believe our grade will be stellar. Late in the afternoon the boyfriend and I packed up
with Jack and headed home for the long weekend. Upon arrival we met our parents at a Mexican restaurant (I eat mexican food way too much) where we played trivia, ate and drank. We won second place and recieved a $10 gift certificate to the restaurant.

Today boyfriend daddy and I got three loads of dirt and spread them in the holes and around the yard. My parents dog that ran away had tore the yard to pieces with her digging.

Tomorrow mom and I are heading to moms parents where we will spend Easter.

Happy Easter!

{February 23, 2010}   Lessons Learned

In March 2008 I made the not so bright to decision to get a credit card. I had really good credit for a 19 year old especially since I had a car in my name. I was determined I would only use the card until I was able to get a stable job for the summer and pay the card off before the APR started rolling in…

Fast Forward to  Present Day:
My 19 year old ambitions worked out real well  who am I kidding they did not work out at all. I sit in lots of personal debt as in above $7000 all over a credit card that was way too easy to use. I am of course kicking myself in the butt now, but at the time I am sure my purchases were just to die for.

Last month my credit card company was so gracious to raise my APR 12% which sent me into a whirlwind..25% interest on a card I had not used in months seemed ridiculous to me. I called the company and screamed, cried, cursed at more than one person I got no where, figures. I decided to suck it up and tell my parents I needed help. I am prideful person and feel that since I got myself into this mess it is my responsibility to get myself out.

My parents agreed to pay the minimum payments until I start working again this summer hopefully at a job that will carry on until I graduate. Of course they wanted to see the statements and I was adamant that they not see the statements. I know I messed up and really did not need my parents reinforcing that point. I finally manned up and told my father how much I owed today. He suggested I call the credit card company, politely explain my situation and see if there was anything they could do to help me out.

I took his advice and spoke to a very nice lady who was more than willing to help me. She closed my account with my permission which means that my credit score is not affected by a bank closing an account. She was also able to lower my APR to 9.9% (huge help) and my monthly payment went down by over $90.

I now have my checking account set up so that on the 30th of every month a set amount will be taken out of my account. I am also able to pay more by mailing a check to the company which I plan to do once I do have a steady income again.

From all this mess I have learned that having a credit card is not for me. I use it too freely and do not think of the long term consequences. I believe I will stick to my debit card since I know how much money is in my checking account. I do hope to have my balance paid off before I go to buy a house which I think is very feasible.

For now I will focus on paying the balance and having less money to do things I want to do. I guess turnabout is fair play.

{February 4, 2010}   Chances

How many chances do you give someone? Is there a limit or does it all depend on the situation?

I am the type of person who always gives others the benefit of the doubt. I have one “friend” who will talk to me about her problems all day long, but when she is having a good day I am¬†blatantly¬†ignored.

Why I keep putting myself through this is beyond me. I guess it goes back to giving people the benefit of the doubt. I also believe that since I have few girlfriends at school I tend to cling to the “good ones”

I am glad that my major has me working in groups in many of my classes so that I meet people I would have never met otherwise. Instead of dwelling on this person I will keep on moving forward, no use in losing sleep in someone who frankly doesn’t give a damn.

{January 24, 2010}   Stuck Together

I admit when I was younger between 16-18 I was clingier than I should have been to whomever I was dating at the time.  In my ripe old age of 21 I have realized that being clingy does not lead to a healthy relationship.

Today my man and some of his fraternity brothers decided to go mudding in their mainly stock trucks. I told CW it was probably not the brightest idea he has ever had, but what do I know.

Off he goes with Jack Jack who I knew would love being outside especially since the weather had been kind of crappy recently. Around 3:30 I get a call from CW saying that one of the guys,RF had gotten his Chevy 2500 stuck in a huge mud hole and they could not get him out. Not only was he stuck, but wherever they had ended up had NO cell phone service and CW had to drive almost 10 minutes just to have service.

I had no problem with him being with the boys and playing in the mud. I knew there was a good possibility someone would get stuck and it was not going to be easy to get them out.

Around 5-5:30 I am surfing around Facebook and come across a conversation between two girls whose boyfriends had also gone mudding. They were both super mad and just disgusted that the guys were not back. One even proceeded to say she was acting like a crazy obsessed stalker…Really!?!

I do not understand why some people cannot let their significant others have fun without them. Time away from each other makes the heart grow fonder and ultimately appreciate the relationship more.

After 5.5 hours of trying they were finally able to get the truck unstuck and head back to town. I am glad they made it back safely, but still giggle at the image of them shoveling mud out from around truck tires.

Back to my original point…What do you think about spending time together and apart from your significant other? Am I wrong in thinking these girls completely overreacted to the situation and made a mountain out of a mole hill.

{January 23, 2010}   Life Happens

I have no been a very good blogger recently. School, money issues, and everything in between seems to have taken up all my time.

I am taking 6 classes all on campus this semester which is unusual for me, I enjoy online classes. While I am enjoying my classes they are definitely challenging me physically and mentally. On Tuesday and Thursdays I go to class from 9:30-6. Very long day. When I finally finish class all I want to do is relax and be by myself. My body will eventually adjust to the point where Tuesdays and Thursdays do not bother me at all.

I of course cannot find a job in this college town at all. I will continue to look and pray that one comes along that can work with my crazy schedule.

The other day I discovered my credit card company upped my APR by 12.1% basically screwing me on ever paying off my debt. Don’t you love credit card companies!?! I was an idiot to get a credit card in the first place, but have not used the card in months so that I can start ridding myself of the debt. I have a bad feeling that I will not be able to make a dent in my debt until I graduate next May and am able to get a job that pays well. I hope mom and dad are ready for me to move back in for a bit.

On the exercise front I am working out 3 to 4 times a week right now usually on the treadmill at my apartment complex. I feel really good after I finish the Fat Burn program and will continue to build up to working out 5-6 times a week so that I can lose this excess weight.

Today is a beautiful Saturday and I have a lot of things to do including taking Jack to the park so he can work out some energy.

{January 5, 2010}   Threading

Today, since I had extra time before I spent 8 hours making a rubber band ball at work, I decided to stop by the Brow Art kiosk in the mall and have my eyebrows threaded for the first time. I had neglected my eyebrows for months now and really needed to do something, the cave man look is not really my style.

I had heard many great things about threading from my esthetician friend, Jam. Threading is the art of twisting a piece of thread into a double strand then using the double strand to remove a line of hair from the follicle. Threading is great for those with sensitive and those who prefer more time between having their facial hair removed.

After the lady finished my eyebrows, which by the way is slightly painful and my eyes did tear up a lot, she insisted that she go ahead and thread my upper lip as well. This proposition slightly angered me at first, followed immediately by worrying of how bad my upper lip looked.

One great thing about threading over waxing and plucking is that the redness/swelling. My eyes were not swollen at all, but were slightly red. The redness only lasted about ten minutes. Though the pain was more intense than what I was used too I am thrilled with the results and will definitely consider threading the next time my eyebrows start getting bushy. Though the pain was more intense than what I was used too I am thrilled with the results and will definitely consider threading the next time my eyebrows start getting bushy.

{January 5, 2010}   New Year, New Me

Throughout 2009 I gained a lot of weight for no real reason. My eating habits had not changed much well not enough for me the gain 40 pounds. Needless to say I was extremely upset at the unexplained weight gain. I spoke to many different doctors including my primary care physician and an endocrinologist who both told me no medicine I was on would cause me to gain weight.

On December 31 I went to the female doctor, always a pleasant experience. My gynecologist has the worst bed side manner ever i.e. informed me I was full-blown obese, thanks a lot, but she is very well-educated and knows her stuff. As soon as she discovered I was taking Zoloft she knew exactly why I had been experiencing so many problems.

On January 1st I began my experience with Wellbutrin and started keeping track of how many calories I was consuming each day. It has been an experience so far and I look forward to seeing my progress.Kiki and Jack Jack

et cetera