Ketching Up With Kiki

{March 20, 2010}   Age and Maturity

I have discovered in the past few days a fact I often forget. Age and Maturity do not coincide. I for example am a 21 year old female and in most cases more mature than a lot of other women my age.

Numerous situations have occurred recently that make me question humanity in general. The worst by far occurred at 2:45 this morning.

I had experienced a very nice evening hanging out with the boyfriend and some other friends on the back deck of my boyfriends frat house. A few people went to bed, others went to the bar while boyfriend and I along with 2 other friends watched a hilarious movie.

I was just falling asleep about the time the President of the fraternity comes barreling through the hallways yelling and banging on doors telling everyone to get up. My first thought, great who got in a fight. Boyfriend runs downstairs then returns 5 minutes later informing me that all the cars in the driveway had their tires sliced on the sidewalls. Ruined.

These people also stole some priceless fraternity paraphernalia, but left an iPod, laptop, and PS2 alone. Obviously to all of us at least this was another fraternity. I understand to an extent the paraphernalia, but tires.

These idiots did over $600 worth of damage on just boyfriends truck. All together they sliced 6 cars tires. Boyfriend and an Alum had all 4 tires cut while 3 guys had 2 tires cut and one lone wolf only had one tire sliced.

The other guys with the exception of boyfriend and alum all went out and bought new tires. Obviously boyfriend cannot afford $600 worth of new tires and will be patiently waiting for an insurance adjuster to come out and check the damage. Thankfully he does have full coverage which includes comprehensive; therefore, vandalism is covered.

A police report was also filed and I hope the perpetrators are caught soon. They will pay for their crimes especially since all the damage they did accounts for felony charges.

I am flustered and running on less than 3 hours of sleep in almost 48 hours. Sadly I am now paranoid and don’t believe I will sleep much tonight. I will be in church tomorrow praying for whoever committed these crimes and for those affected.


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