Ketching Up With Kiki

{April 2, 2010}   Life as of late

I have been sparse recently. Life has been incredibly hectic. Apparently the last two weeks of March got away from
me. Since I am worn out here goes a bullet post of recent activities:

The tire incident is a whole other post that needs to be updated: in the end boyfriend was able to get about half the money he needed for new tires from insurance and my parents gave him money up front in exchange for work he did for them today.

I went to Williamsburg last weekend and visited William and Mary School of Law with my friend, Rae, who was offered a 80% scholarship. We had a blast exploring Colonial Williamsburg and even went on a ghost tour which was so fun. On our floor at the hotel there was a group of men who spoke with a very thick Spanish accent and used way too much cologne. They made the long weekend interesting. They lost their friend Orlando for almost 2 hours one afternoon. We heard Orlando Orlando where are you way too many times.

Returning from the mini vacation I ran into a pile of work. This past week was final prep for the fundraiser that is being hosted for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I spent countless hours working on the Facebook Fan Page, graphics, fliers, and hot gluing.

On Wednesday I had a job interview. The interviewer was younger than me and I am fairly positive he had never interviewed anyone before. Needless to say I have no idea what will happen. After the interview I had about a hour break before my day got super busy. A friend from out of town came up we ste lunch and hung out until my advisement appointment. After advisement I got roped into more graphic making and hot gluing for the fundraiser. Then I had to go to a local daycare center with my Psychology group. While there we painted cubbies and rocking chairs. We were there for 3 hours then went to eat Mexican together smelling lovely of course. I had a test Thursday that I had not studied for by 9pm Wednesday night. I devised a plan and was able to have my test postponed until Tuesday.

Thursday was a relatively simple day. My group hosted our psychology class and it went very very well. I believe our grade will be stellar. Late in the afternoon the boyfriend and I packed up
with Jack and headed home for the long weekend. Upon arrival we met our parents at a Mexican restaurant (I eat mexican food way too much) where we played trivia, ate and drank. We won second place and recieved a $10 gift certificate to the restaurant.

Today boyfriend daddy and I got three loads of dirt and spread them in the holes and around the yard. My parents dog that ran away had tore the yard to pieces with her digging.

Tomorrow mom and I are heading to moms parents where we will spend Easter.

Happy Easter!


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